Welcome to the resource site for academic integrity at UNC Charlotte. Over the years, academic integrity resources have developed in various colleges and departments and there is a wealth of information available to those with the stamina to search it out. The purpose of this site is to bring together all of these resources. The links on this site will provide easy access to all of the existing resources and an online reporting form for initiating a claim of academic misconduct.

Academic honesty and integrity are essential to the existence and growth of the academic community at UNC Charlotte. Without maintenance of high standards of honesty, members of the instructional faculty are defrauded, students are unfairly treated, and society itself is poorly served. Maintaining the academic standards of honesty and integrity is ultimately the formal responsibility of the instructional faculty; but this responsibility is shared by all members of the academic community – students, faculty, staff, and administration. 

The faculty sets academic standards, awards academic credit and confers degrees when the standards are met. To carry out these responsibilities, faculty members must ensure that student work submitted for academic credit is authentic as well as consistent with established academic standards. Therefore, the academic evaluation includes a judgment that the student's work is free from academic dishonesty of any type; and course grades should be and will be adversely affected by academic dishonesty.  

It is the duty of faculty members to take measures to preserve and transmit the values of the academic community, both through example in their own academic pursuits and the learning environment which they create for their students. To this end, they are expected to instill in their students a respect for integrity and a desire to behave honestly.

Students are also members of the academic community. As responsible members of the University, students are obligated not to violate the basic standards of integrity, and they are expected to take an active role in encouraging other members to respect those standards.  As students willingly accept the benefits of membership in the UNC Charlotte academic community, they acquire obligations to observe and uphold the principles and standards that define the terms of the UNC Charlotte academic community.

The Student Government Association has created a code called The Noble Niner that solidifies the high standard of morals, principles, and integrity that all students should strive to uphold to bolster the growing reputation of excellence at UNC Charlotte.